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The Company Abed Abdul Rahman Al Sobhi for Transport Since in the year 1984.Commercial registration number of the company is 4700016038.In the working field of transportation company was owned a set of valid contract with a number of cement companies to transport petroleum product from Saudi Aramco. Namely they are given bellow:

  • Yanbu cement company
  • Saudi Aramco to and from Aramco
  • Saudi Arabian Marketing and Refining - samarec
  • General Establishment for water Desalination - the west coast
  • Ministry of Defense and Tairan- ground forces in the region and North Western / Altamoan
  • Ministry of Defense and Tairan- ground forces and North Western Region / Department of King Abdulaziz Military operation and Maintenance
  • National Agricultural Company - Al-jouf Project
  • Southern Province Cement Company
  • Tabuk cement company
  • Saudi western Electricity
  • Saudi Northern Electricity
  • National Gypsum Plant
  • Umm Al Qura Cement Plant
  • Lubruf Oil Refinery Company
  • Mada Gypsum Company
Managing Director Of Al-Sobhi transport

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