We are specializes in the transport and delivery of bulk petroleum products.
Our Transport focused in:

  • Fuel Transport
  • Ship Transport
  • Bulker Transport
  • Low Bed Transport
  • Dumper Transport
  • Asphalt Transport

Our additional services are:

  • Flexible Transport Options (32,000 liters / 36,000 liters)
  • Dispatching services
  • Precisely documented transfer of goods
  • Scheduling Services with Aramco
  • 24-hour transport

Our Advantage

Al-sobhi is gave more priority for perfection and doing our duty within the proper time frame and help the clients to fulfill their maximum profit. Our high qualified professional mechanics take care our vehicle, same as company take care them

Transport Fuel

Transportation of fuel and all type of petrochemicals, we have lot of tankers and trailers for transporting all petroleum products mainly in:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Fuel Oil 180
  • Fuel Oil 380

Our Fleet is fully-modernized with capacities of 32,000 liters and 36,000 liters tankers available.

Bulker transportation

Al sobhi supply and transport bulk cement from all cement factories in kingdom to the company’s client in all region with many specialized in transport bulk cement

Flatbed Transport

Flatbed transport is one of the most common transports available for transporting things such as Stone blocks, Heavy Machinery, raw materials transport, containers, etc.

Raw Materials

Our Fleet of Dump Trucks provide transport for all sorts of sand, gravel, small stones, crusher plant products and any type of such material.

Asphalt Transport

The company has a large number of cars and tankers to transport of oil and dangerous products of crude oil and asphalt, where it requires to maintain the temperature of the material transported through the transport journey asphalt properties of these materials and their nature in terms of viscosity, non-hardening and the asphalt material transmitted the following:

  • Asphalt 60/70
  • 1 CM
  • 2 CM